From a Facebook post stating - "The Soul usually knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind."
This describes my rebirthing energy sessions perfectly. Eilis McNulty Philpott, owner of Soul Healing Journey, has been assisting me in the healing of some unknown traumas that my body has held in. Some of the most unsuspecting things have come up. The energy is SO INTENSE sometimes I’m dripping in sweat by the time we’re done. And all I’m doing is breathing and listening. 
It’s amazing what you can find out about yourself if you just allow yourself to be quiet and listen to your own soul speak its truth. 
All you have to do is be brave enough to accept the answers of the questions you ask. 
This work is so rewarding. For those of you that get energy work done, you understand how fulfilling it can be to the Self. 
For those of you who don’t understand energy work but wish to..... the simple advice of this photo is a good place to start.

"I struggled to find the right words to communicate how i felt about my journey with Elis Philpott. i will simply infuse the following words energetically to ensure the full extent of my message is received.
The experience was transformational and not an instant process - more so like a door opening a door and yet again opening another door, and the doors continue to open. Our visits were nurturing and loving, always providing an alternative broader perspective, a much more holistic non-judgmental perspective. I consider myself blessed to have Eilis in my life! XOXO"

The workshop exceeded my expectations in moving me from where I had been to where I am meant to go.  I experienced intense healing and opened up to big new gifts and experiences.  I am very excited to explore these new possibilities, for myself and others.

I am so happy with what I learend this weekend.  It means a lot that I can officially call myself 13th Octave LaHoChi practitioner.  What!!

Confirmed my spiritual mission and desire to use love to heal myself and others.  This course has helped me find tools to protect my energy while allowing the flow of energy to continue.


Having just completed a LAHOCHI weekend with Eilis.
I concur she is a wonderful heart centered teacher/healer with great experience wisdom and knowledge. Who gently guides her students and mentors her future healers with love and Grace.
Her direct way and down to earth class makes everyone feel comfortable and part of the group.
Loved it!! Thank you Eilis.
Looking forward to the next one!! 💗 🌸 💜 💜 🌸 

-Susan Joy

At the end of our 13th Octave LaHoChi training in September Eilis introduced us to the distance healing modality. I wasn’t sure to whom I would direct my energy at first and had lots of possibilities running through my mind. Finally I settled on my son since, through him, I would also positively affect his family. He had recently started a new job, was happy there, and had just been given a promotion. I didn’t think he needed healing per se and my intention was more to send good will, health and happiness his way. Well...a few days later I found out that he had received a second promotion. That’s extremely rare, of course! I am confident that his natural abilities are being recognized at his company. I also suspect that some good energy sent his way provided a little something extra, too!


I have been working with Eilis for the past 12 months.
I went through the loss of a loved one in my life and felt shame, blame, worthlessness, longing and desperately needed to find someone to help me work through this.
I meet with Eilis and felt an immediate connection to her. Eilis listened to me, understood and did not judge me. That helped me become very comfortable and be able to fully open up to her.
Eilis has taught me to love myself!!! That has been the most important aspect of my time with her, she has given me very specific techniques to help when I’m down and in need of help and has always been available to me anytime
I have just completed the 13th Octave LaHoChi course with Eilis and that has turned my world around. An incredible weekend with wonderful people in a very safe environment.
I cannot thank Eilis enough for all her help and time, her kindness and understanding


I had Eilis do an Akashic records for my son. I found her on a webinar hosted by a mom of a child with sensory needs and I was interested since my son had a traumatic pre-term birth and a lot of issues after. It was stunning how much on the money she was for my son. Moreover, she was professional, efficient, quick, and very detail oriented and thorough. Since I am an energy healer myself, I was able to work with my son afterwards to release the leftovers of all that Eilis had highlighted and worked on during the session. My son had a lot of issues and Eilis was able to clear quite a few deep blockages to help his overall physical well being and health. He is a definitely more self-assured young man, with improved cognition and a few well placed meaningful conversations of late.

- Gayatri

I went to Eilis because I had anxiety and negative internal dialogue which manifested itself in destructive, compulsive behaviors that were destroying my life and keeping me alone. Her work has helped me to open myself up to people with less fear and insecurity. I always received insights after sessions with her which helped me to better my life. I met someone romantically after just a few visits with her after being along for years. She helped me to shed much of my fearful pre-programming from my childhood which was keeping me stuck in bad patterns and behaviors. I highly recommend her work to anyone who feels at all bogged down by negative thoughts, feeling or emotions. 


I have been going to rebirthing sessions with Eilis for two years.  The rebirthing experiences have accelerated my healing from the various childhood traumas I have lived through.  It even has addressed some past life trauma!  She answers all of my questions and listens very carefully to my concerns.  She gently guides me through each session.  I know that I have more years of therapy, rebirthing and healing ahead.  These are my decisions to grow this way.  Eilis has been one of my guides who has helped me transform to a peaceful state - at last.

- Sharon W

I realized that the mountain and it was just the peak that I saw in my mind, during my session, was there because I always felt that I needed to go somewhere, to reach the top of something in order for me to find what I was looking for. But I realized that what I'm looking for is in me.....just as the second CD said and just as I've told other people. Guess I have to follow my own advice! Lol! 

- Dinah

The analogy that comes to mind with Eilis' Soul Integration is that of cleaning house.  Over the course of so many lifetimes of experience, our thoughts exist in a mansion often outdated and with dark dingy dusty rooms we are unaware of.  I have personally received two of these soul integrations and found that after each one my thoughts were clearer, my consciousness lighter and I experience a feeling of expansiveness, without the particular denseness of my own rooms which have been cleared in this work.  Those of us who follow the path of light are all here to make our vibrations lighter and clearer, more refined.  In doing this work of helping us clean house, Eilis is bringing through her individual talents garnered over many lifetimes.  The work feels wonderful as well - like instead of using a wheelchair to get through some rooms - you are able to skip, run, laugh and play!  I intend to do as many sessions as I feel I will benefit from in this cutting edge work.

- Sue

Going through the re-birthing process with Eilis was a highly spiritual and healing experience. The re-birthing technique involves deep breathing that relaxed me and made me feel as if I was meditating. During the sessions I often felt as if I was given answers to current personal problems, or I was able to view past experiences in a new light. This led me to a clarity that enabled me to see themes in my life and develop a better overall understanding of myself.  Throughout the re-birthing process Eilis was an excellent coach. I laughed and cried in my sessions and I always felt comfortable enough to be myself.  Eilis is caring, attentive, and extremely insightful.     She often helped me make sense of the answers and ideas I received during my sessions. Additionally she is skilled in several other techniques that complement the re-birthing very well. Sessions sometimes included LaHoChi, crystals, natural remedies, and/or the use of music with constructive subliminal messages. The combination of these special techniques helped add to my healing experience.  Overall working with Eilis was a wonderful and transformational process in which I believe everyone can benefit.  I give my many thanks to Eilis for doing such a great job of leading me through the re-birthing process!

- Lenore M

There is nothing to compare with Eilis Philpott's Soul Integration Service. My life, health and Soul growth have taken off since I began working with Eilis, including using her Personal Essences. The Soul Integration Report you receive is totally intriguing and on target. However, as an intuitive myself I KNOW that the report is just the tip of the iceberg in describing what Eilis does for a Soul Integration. There is so much going on!  Her approach sings to my personal journey that the body/mind/spirit is self-healing and that is why I first began to work with her. I am so glad I followed my muse! I would recommend the Soul Integration Service to anyone truly willing to make a leap forward on all levels. If you're looking for spiritual intuitive work that is truly outstanding, far beyond the usual fare, work that moves you to learn more -- choose Eilis Philpott. 
This is rare work.

- Patti

I cannot recommend Eilis enough. Thanks to working with her I have much more strength and clarity. Eilis provides a sanctuary for the rebirthing process to take place within you, resolving much from the past so that you can truly be here now.

- Chris C

I would like to tell anyone who hasn't tried Eilis's work...how profound it is.  I worked thru many issues in such a nice and easy way.  I was able to let a job go that brought me nothing but pain and the lady that I worked for was abusive as my mother.  It all related.  I feel I cleared that issue now in my life.  It was repeating it self over and over.  It is done now. I can't wait till I do the soul integration work with her.  I already know some issues that will clear my path to be all that I can be in my work.  I have come to many and have had a lot of work done on me. This piece is going to be very beneficial to  who I am. 
I also know Eilis is there for you when you go thru the troubled times.  She has that non judgmental ear...that helps you shift so much easier with love when you need a person to listen to you.
Thank you Eilis for all you have done for me.  
Love and Blessings,

- Ardyce

Thank you soooooooo much for offering the Soul Integration Healing.  It has been an amazing journey.  The first week I really noticed how I felt.  I was prompted one day while at work to put one hand on my heart and one hand on my throat.  I felt a lot of energy flowing through my hands.  At one point I almost got physically sick, but I held on, knowing, this was for the greater good and that the feeling would pass momentarily.  I felt very tired that day.  I was informed via email from you that the integration had been done so I knew we had been working together.  :o)

Sometimes during the soul integration I could pick up the feeling, how I became lighter and things started to change.  I felt not any more attacked by egative energies;  people bothering me stopped and left me alone;  my intentions were and still are carried on a higher energy level and are  turning into reality in a quick way, which still amazes me;  I get easily and smoothly in touch with people and experience wonderful  meetings.  I feel more and easier aligned with the universal energy;
Friends report, that they experience me, that I am lighter. 
Due to this first experience I have decided to have another soul integration.

- Monika S (Switzerland)