Lemurian Crystal Essence 

Lemurian Crystal Essence

What is a Lemurian crystal?
Lemurian quartz crystal is a type of crystal that is reputed to help you to retrieve information about the ancient civilization of Lemuria. 

Who Were The Lemurians?
The Lemurian people lived on this earth in ancient times, and worked extensively with crystals. 
It seems that some sort of immense misfortune overcame the Lemurian people before they disappeared from the earth.
The impressions that many folk get of the people of Lemuria, is of gentle innocent people who deeply loved the earth.  It is believed that those who lived during the time of ancient Lemuria were highly spiritual beings.
These crystals are important as it is believed that they left messages within the stones for us. These stones seem to have been programmed before they were placed into the ground.
After using these stones many people experience emotional healing, from the deeply loving vibration of these crystals. They may strengthen your concentration and balance your emotions. 
They have the capacity to allow you to make contact with the Divine if you follow the ladders on the sides of the stones ever upwards over successive meditations.

What is a healing essence?
A healing essence is a living energetic medicine made from the biological imprint of the living plant's vibrations in water and or gems.  The energy of these essences are usually created and preserved in pure spring water and brandy, and taken orally under the tongue or applied to the body. When a person places a few drops of an  essence under the tongue, the energy of the flower or gem, vibrating at its own special frequencies will enter the energetic bodies and  will harmonize the body/aura vibrations to its own special harmonies.
Submerging flowers or gems in water and allowing the light of the sun, or the moon or the stars to absorb the particular signature of the flowers creates the foundation of a healing essence. The structure of water is such that it easily stores these vibrational signatures within itself.

What is a Lemurian healing essence?
Each Lemurian healing essence contains a Lemurian crystal and a customized formula of various flower and/or gem essences for your particular needs.  Your individual formula can be taken as drops under the tongue or as a spray with the addition of an essential oil.

Custom formula
Manifestation formula
Protection formula
Betrayal formula
Love formula
Body support formula
for any infections (including Lyme), parasites etc.

Each formula will be made explicitely for you (drops or spray) and will come with a list of what is included with descriptions.

Investment:  $40 plus $8 S&H