Fallen Angels/Lost Souls 
by Dr. Eilis Philpott

There is a lot of negatively surrounding the topic of Fallen Angels or Lost Souls as well as a lot of fear. I would love to bring some balance back to this topic with another side of the story. A Fallen Angel or Lost Soul is really an angel or soul that merely lost their way because they loved to be adventurous and see all that life had to offer. What if these angels or souls were reunited with source many eons ago but forgot and have spent lifetime after lifetime berating themselves for who they perceived themselves to be. What if this lifetime was about awakening to the fact that you have already been forgiven and now your task is to forgive yourself.

For me this used to show up as a thought that I must have done something really really bad in a previous life to have the stuff that happened to me happen. In my darkest places I truly believed I was not worthy of love and was totally unlovable and could not understand why anyone wanted to be with me or around me.  

I delved into the topic of Fallen Angels/Lost Souls and did a lot of inner healing around who I might be on that spectrum. I asked Linda Dillon who channels the Council of Love for a message about this topic and was given this message.

What/Who are the Fallen Angels
Fallen angels are amongst the most adventurous souls in the Universe. These angels are the ones who went exploring, venturing away from the Light into the darkness, experimenting with free will, ego and independence. The difficulty arose when they believed themselves lost or fallen – an illusion which has carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. These individuals carry a very deep imprint of lack of self-worth and self-love because they believe themselves “guilty” of abandoning God. What they fail to realize in that belief system is the paradox that God, the Light, the Universe never abandoned them. 
The adventure of separation was healed long ago when Archangel Michael journeyed on behalf of the Universal Mother and brought the lost souls / fallen angels home. Those wounds were healed and All was restored. Soul gifts and soul design were brightened up, polished and reintegrated. The issue for the person who realizes that they are a fallen angel is to let go of the sense of guilt and betrayal and to embrace their strong sense of individuality and love of freedom.”

Another, piece of the puzzle, so to speak, in regards to Fallen Angels/Lost Souls are those who did not fall/get lost with the original group as described above, but rather those souls who have become so lost along the way that they feel those same feelings of shame and worthlessness and lack of self-esteem and self-love as those souls who did fall/get lost originally.

So whether you are one of those who were with the original group or whether you just got lost along the way, now is the time to set things to right, now is the time to forgive yourself and let go of the pain and suffering and truly live your true authentic life in the here and now.
Part of my mission and my role here is to support anyone who is currently healing this deep wound, this pain around not feeling worthy or lovable at a very core level. You can heal this and you are worth healing it!